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Thursday, June 18, 2020

Barbara Jensen Learning tutorials part 2. Animating with a psd file

This tutorial was written by me on  June 18, 2020. The results are of my own imagination.  Any resemblance to another tutorial is purely coincidental.  

Please DO NOT claim this tutorial as your own.

This was written assuming you have a working knowledge of PSP.

Please keep in mind that I write the tutorial as I am creating it.

Sometimes I may not explain properly where to place things so please see my example if you are ever in doubt :)

Please remember to read the Terms of Use (TOU) for any tube, scrap kit and/or animation you use.

Supplies needed

I am using PSP 2018 but this tutorial should work with any version.

Animation Shop 3.11

PSPIMAGE tag file from Learning tutorial 1 - Barbara Jensen Free Tube & Kit Part 1.  You can find the tutorial here.  

I am using a Pay to Use (PTU) animation 31 from pack 9 created by Kiya Designs.  

You can purchase this fun animation from Barbara's store here.

We will be using the PSD file for this tutorial.  I will show you how to use the MNG file in my next tutorial.

Let's get started.

Open your pspimage tag from the tutorial mentioned above in psp.  Holding down the shift + D duplicate the tag and close the original.  Do not save changes.

Open KDAnimations-31.psd file in psp.  Holding down the shift + D duplicate the animation and close the original.  Do not save changes.

We will be working the the animation psd file first.

In the layers pallet you will notice there are 31 frames.  Frame 31 layer at the top and if you scroll right down you will see frame 1 at the bottom.  We could use all 31 layers but it would take forever to copy and paste it into animation shop.

I am going to show you how we cull the animation before we use it in our tag.

Standing on layer 31 - it will be highlighted in blue. 

We want to select all our odd layers.  To do this, hold down your Ctrl key on your keyboard, and with your mouse, select the next odd layer which is frame 29.  Repeat the holding down the Ctrl key and click on frame 27.  As you can see in my screen shot that the selected layers are all highlighted in blue.  

Continue this process until you have all the odd layers selected.  You can use the scroll bar in the layers pallet to view the lower layers.  Just make sure the Ctrl key is not pressed when you scroll down.

When you reach Frame 1 all odd layers should be selected.  You can use the scroll bar to double check.  If you missed one just hold down the Ctrl key and click on that layer.  If you notice you selected an even numbered frame that is ok we can fix that by once again holding down the Ctrl key and click on that layer.  It will deselect (unlighted in blue).

All odd layers selected or highlighted in blue?  If they are not repeat the steps above.

Yes?  Ok on to the next step.

We need to group our selected frames.

Go to Layers>New Layer Group.  

Another way to group the layers is by clicking on the New Layers Group icon.

You can locate it at the bottom of your Layers pallet.  It is the square with, looks like, two papers stacked above one another.  It should also be next to your trash can.  See my screen shot below.

When you select the New Layers Group a pop up window will appear.  You can rename this animation or leave it as Group 1.  All other settings will stay the same.  Click ok.

You will notice you have a new layer at the top of the layers pallet called Group 1 (or something different if you renamed it) with all the odd layers under it as sub layers.  See my screen shot below.

Does your layer pallet look like this so far?  If Yes on to the next step.

We need to link our group to the sub-layers.  In my screen shot above you will notice an icon that looks like a chain link.  We will be using this next.

This part is very important.  When working with group layers, always make sure the main group layer is highlighted or selected.  The sub-layers should not have any highlights on them.   

When we move or resize a group it is done by selecting the Group layer.  What we do to the group layer will affect the sub frame layers.  For example, we resize Group 1 layer by 80%.  All the sub-layers will be resized at the same time.

Ok enough of me babbling.

Is Group 1 selected?  Good.  Click on the link icon at the top of the layers pallet.  You will notice a little link will appear on Group 1.  We want to see that.

Next we need to copy the group so we can have it on our tag.

Standing on Group 1 layer,

Go to Edit>Copy or Ctrl + C on your keyboard.

Select your tag.  It does not matter if you select a layer on your tag as the Group animation will always paste to the top in the layer pallet.

Go to Edit>Paste as a new layer.

Your tag should look like this.

And your layer pallet should look like this.

You can close the duplicated animation as we no longer need it.  You do not have to save the changes.

Ok standing on Group 1 layer.  See that little white down arrow on the left beside the group one layer.  Click it to hide the group sub layers.

You layer pallet should looks something like this.

Next.  I want to move this group 1 layer just above my frame layer.  You can either select the group 1 layer and drag it down the layer pallet but since my frame layer is close to the bottom I am going to do the following:

Go to Layers>Arrange>Send to Bottom.

Your layer pallet should look like this.

Select Group 1 layer if it isn't already.  Holding down the left mouse button drag the Group 1 layer above the frame layer.  Or you can go to Layer>Arrange>Move up until the group 1 layer is above the frame.

Your layer pallet should look like this.

Next we need to resize the animation as it is very large.

Make sure Group 1 is selected.

Go to Image, Resize.  

When the Resize box pops up, in the Percent field type 40 as we want to resize it by 40%.  All layers not checked and click ok.  See my screen shot bellow for the settings.

Ok now we need to move it into place.  Make sure that Group 1 is still selected.

Select the Pick tool.  

If you do not see it under the magnifying glass, click on the little white arrow and it will be hiding in there.

With your left mouse click on the center dot.  Holding down your left mouse button, move the animation into a spot you like.  See my screen shot below for where I placed it.  

Time for use to animate.

Standing on the Group 1 layer click the little arrow beside it to expand the group.

Next scroll down until you see layer 1.  You will notice a little eyeball on the bottom left corner of Frame 1 and none on Frame 3.  The eye means that layer is visible and the others are hidden.

With frame layer one visible, go to Edit>Copy Special>copy merged.

Open Animation Shop.

Go to Edit>Past>As new Animation or Ctrl + V on the keyboard.

**Back to paintshop (psp).

Left click on the eyeball beside layer 1 to hide it and click on the eyeball on layer 3 to make is visible.

With frame layer three visible, go to Edit>Copy Special>copy merged.

Back to animation shop.

Go to Edit>Paste>After current frame or Ctrl + Shift + L on the keyboard.**

If you look on the bottom right corner of Animation shop it will show you how many frames are in the animation.  Currently, there is two.

We are going to repeat from ** TO ** until we have 16 frames in animation shop.

Now we have 16 frames in animation shop but we do not know how the animation looks yet.

To view the animation go to View>Animation

or click on the Animiation icon next to the pointer with the ?. 

I found the animation to fast and I want to slow this down.

To control the speed of the animation first you need to select all the frames.

Go to Edit>Select all or Ctrl + A on the keyboard.

Next go to Animation>Frame Properties.

When the pop up window appears change the display time to 15 and click ok.

For the display time, the higher the number the slower the animation will be.

You can view your animation again to see the difference.

Time to save the animation.

Go to File>Save As.

When the pop up box shows, find a place to save it on your computer, name the file and the save as type should be gif.  See screen shot below.

A new pop up box will appear.  I always choose the following.  Better Image Quality.

Click on Customize button.

On the Colors tag my settings are 255 Colors,  Optimized Octree and Error Diffusion selected.

On the Optimizations tab I have the three center boxes checked and the first and last box unchecked.   Click ok.  

Click Next, Next, Next and Finished.

You have just completed an animated tag using a psd file.

I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial.  I would love to see your results.


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