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Thursday, February 14, 2013

PTU: You make my heart beat

This tutorial was written by me on February 14, 2013 and are the result of my own imagination. Any resemblance to another tutorial is purely coincidental.
This tutorial was written assuming you have working knowledge of  PSP.

Supplies needed

I am using PSP X4 but this tutorial should work with any version.

Animation shop

PTU Tube:  I am using the fantastic artwork of Gennadiy Koufay.  
Please do not use this artwork without a  proper license.  I
purchased mine at CILM.  You can puchase this gorgeous tube at CDO here.

PTU scrap kit:  I am using Inspired by Gennadiy Koufay 69-1 createdby Abstract Creations.  Thank you for creating this gorgeous kit. 
You can purchase this gorgeous kit at CDO here.  This kit can be used with any artist.

Please go and check out Abstract's blog here to check out her awesome kits

Animation:  I am using a fantastic animation created by Lovey. 
Thank you for the great animation.  I am using scan - 2 and you can
get it here

Plug ins: No outside filters used.

This tutorial was written using the supplies above.  If you are using a different tube or scrap kit you may need to make adjustments.  I am using a drop shadow of V/H 2 Opacity 50, blur 5, color black through out the tutorial unless otherwise state.

Open a new 650x250 transparent image.  Add a new layer, select all and paste paper  or color of choice into selection, select none.  I am using Black #000000.

Open e8, copy and paste as a new layer.   Image resize 70% and move to the center of the banner.  Duplicate your heart layer.  Drop shadow the bottom one. Rename these layers heart 1 and 2. Back to
the top heart.  Using your free hand tool, set to paint to point, mode add (shift) feather 0, smoothing 0, anti-alias checked, draw around the light portion of the inside of the heart.  Effects, Destortion effects, punch strength 25.  Deselect.

Open your tube, copy and paste as a new layer. Move her to the right side of your tag.  Duplicate and mirror.  change the blend mode to Luminance (L).  Drop shadow the original tube.

Open element 5, copy and close the original.  paste as a new layer and resize 50%.  Move this to the left corner.

Open element 6, copy and close the original.  Paste as a new layer and resize 50%.  Move this to the right side.  The tubes face should be showing through the heart.

Open Element 3, copy and close the original.  Paste as a new layer.  Image free rotate, to the left 90 degrees.  Move to the bottom of your banner.

Element 12, copy and close the original.  Paste as a new layer.  Resize 50% and move this to the right corner behind your tube.

Add a new layer and bring this to the top.  Fill with color of  choice.  I used black.  Select all, Selctions modfy, contract by 5.  Hit delete on your keyboard.  Adjust, Add/Remove noise, add noise Gaussian selected 75% monochrome checked.

Add your copyright and name.


Open Lovey's scan 2 in animation shop.  Delete the credit layer.  Select all.

Back to psp.  Close off all layers except your duplicate tube and background layers.  Edit copy special, copy merged.  Back to animation shop.  Paste as new animation or ctrl + v.  Holding down your shift + ctrl hit your L key 19 times.  This will give a total of 20 frames.  Same amount as the scan 2. 

Copy your scan layer.  Back to your background layer, Select all and paste into selection or ctrl + E.  Position as centre as possible.  It will not cover the entire background.  I have a little black
strip on each side of the scan.

Back to psp.  Close off your background layer and your duplicate tube layer.  Make sure heart 2 layer is also closed.  Unhide all other layers.   Edit, copy special, copy merged.  

Back to animation shop.  Paste as new animation ctrl + v.  Back to psp.

Unhide heart layer 2.  Copy special, copy merged.  Back to animation shop.  Paste after current frame.  You now should have 2 layers in the new animation.  Select all, copy or ctrl + C.  Select your second layer, it will have a blue highlight around the frame.  Paste after current frame or ctrl + Shift + L.  Repeat until you have 20 frames.  It will tell you in the bottom right hand corner.

Close the original animation of lovey's.  We now have 2 different animations.  Select all on your background layer,  Select all on your tube layers.  Copy your tube layers.  Back to the background layer, Paste into selection or ctrl + E.  It will be hanging on your pointer.  Line it up so it is centered and click your left mouse
button.  It may take a few tries.  Remember ctrl + Z can be your best friend lol.

View your animation and save as gft. 


In psp duplicate your banner.  Shift + D
Select your crop tool and crop to 150x150.
Move the crop box to a spot you like.  I placed it over the heart and moved my tube into the crop box.
Bring one of the transparent images to the top.  Delete the other transparent layers.  Flood fill your top layer with black and Select all, Modify, contract by 3, hit delete on your keyboard.  Add noise with the same settings you used earlier.
Add your copyright and initial.
Hide heart 2 layer.  Edit, copy special, copy merged.

Back to animation shop.  Paste as new animation or ctrl + V.  Back to psp, unhide heart 2,  copy special, copy merged.  Back to animation shop.  Paste after current frame.  You should have 2 frames.  Select your first frame and copy.  Select your second frame and paste after current layer.  You now should have 3 frames.  Select all, Animation, Frame properties and change the number to 25.
View your animation and save as gft. 

I hope you enjoyed my

tutorial.  I would love to see your creations.




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